Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things Drake loves!

Drake is such a funny boy. Every morning when I go to get him dressed he crawls away from me as fast as he can, hides behind the rocking chair, plays peek a boo then he goes on the hunt for his binky that he had lost in the middle of the night. In this picture his binky was stuck on the crib. He would suck on his binky and then try to crawl away with the binky in his mouth but it wouldn't follow. He didn't want to leave it behind so he went back to suck on it. He attempted to crawl away with it a few times. He was torn he wanted the binky so bad but he wanted to cruise around also. I gave in and let the binky loose after a few laughs.

Drake is a dish washer magnet. Every time he hears the dish washer he is there as fast as his little legs can crawl. ( It make doing dishes kind of rough.)

Another thing Drake found that he loved was a sucker. (What kid doesn't?) Thanks to Kason Drake found a new love at a very young age. He hasn't been able to have one since that I know of. With an older brother and older sisters who know what he gets.

Trying out the jet ski

Kason was so excited to go ride the jet-ski with grandpa. I think he had fun, but he told me that next time he wanted to ride on grandma's because it doesn't go as fast as Grandpa's. ( he must have been a little nervous)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kason is off to Preshool

It is Kason's first year of preschool. He is so excited! The preschool he is going to is a music preschool in Mapleton. They sing songs and play instruments while learning their academics. His teachers name is Mrs. Heidi. It is nice because he gets to go to school with his friends in the neighborhood Dillan and Mark. They have a small class there are only 5 kids in his class (4 boys 1 girl). Kason loves it but he must be a little nervous he keeps asking me if I can go and stay with him the whole time.

Drake's First Hair Cut

We finally gave Drake his first hair cut at 9 months old. He doesn't have a lot of hair but we had to get rid of the wings behind his ears and a few stray hairs.

Kason's Loves his Bike

Kason loves riding his bike! He is such a wild man on it. He likes to pop wheelies, stand up and just yesterday I caught him speeding down a hill so fast that seriously would have killed him if he would have wrecked. The bad thing about the bike is that Kason forgets that he is only three and he needs to stay where his Mom can see him. I am constantly chasing him down.