Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drake's First Birthday!

Drake had so much fun at his birthday party! It was fun watching him eat his first cake!
Happy Birthday Draker!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am finally posting pics of Halloween. I loved this Halloween!The weather was perfect, we had no where we had to be, and all the kids had a ton of fun.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Drake's Walking

Drake is cruising every where! Everyone that sees him walk says the same thing " He seems to little to walk." (He is little dude to begin with let alone walking early.) Drake started to walk to and from things at 9 months old. He decided to give up crawling and just walk at 10 months. At 11 months he is now trying to run! He is such a crazy guy. Ever since he was old enough to move he was trying to climb over my head, out of my arms and never let me change his diaper in peace. I am a little nervous to see what the future is going to bring. I thought Kason was a wild man but I think Drake is going to give him a run for his money. Let me just tell you what I am talking about when I say wild. For instance this last week alone Kason colored all over my house with black permanent marker I am talking 3 doors, base boards, walls in his and Drakes room and the family room, on the end table, the coffee table, entertainment center and on Drakes window sill all in the time I was in the shower. I was so mad!! He got in big trouble! The rest of the day he kept asking me "Mom, are you still mad at me? Mine won't do it ever again." (Kason has already colored on my coffee table two other times, but this one stole the cake.) Then the next day when I got out of the shower I went in his room and found him with a pair of scissors giving his teddy bear a hair cut. I didn't think that was to bad until I discovered that he had given himself a hair cut and cut the top of his sheet into small pieces. I hope I survive having boys.

State's Fair

The fifth graders at Spanish Oaks Elementary did a State's fair. Makylie was assigned Maryland for her state. I think it was fun for her to do the state of Maryland because her uncle Brett went to school there (The Navel Academy). She made a float, a scrap book, a persuasive letter, drew a flag, a journal entry as if she lived in Maryland and a time line. She did an awsome job. We are proud of her!