Friday, January 9, 2009

Enjoying all the Snow!

During Christmas vacation we decided to take our kids to Brandon's family cabin. It was a lot of fun! Sledding there is awesome. We sled down the road for about a half mile then Brandon would pull us back up the hill with the snowmobile. I think Makylie had the most fun of us all she couldn't get enough sledding in. Kason wasn't sure what to think of sledding he liked the first time he went down with me but after he went with Brandon he decided he would rather ride on the four wheeler or snowmobile. Drake surprised me how good he was he didn't even say a peep most of the day(even without his bink). He was really cute though in his Ralphy outfit that he could barely move in. We drove down later to pickup Brandon's Mom and Dad. I think Rod thought I was a crazy driver on the snowmobile he claims I almost lost him a couple of times (Sorry Rod). They came up and had dinner with us it was a lot of fun! When we left the cabin Makylie and I decided to sled down the hill to the truck in the dark. I also took Drake with me in my sled. That was the best sledding of the whole day it was probably about a mile and a half straight down hill with no stops other than makylie's few wrecks. By the time we got down to the trucks Drake had fallen asleep he must have enjoyed it too.